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Micro SD7.0

Technical Advantages of Kingconn’s  MicroSD7.1 connector:

1. The data transfer rate of up to 985MBps can be achieved with PCIe 3.1 or NVMe v1.3 interfaces.

2. Compared with the SSD hard drive, the MicroSD7.1 card has  better transportability and power efficiency.

3. In response to the demand for massive data flow brought by the digital technologies such as 5G, AR/VR, IOT, car or mobile computers, high-definition driving recorders, 360-degree cameras, ...etc., the MicroSD7.1 card is more helpful for notebook, computer and smart phone users.

4. The MicroSD7.1 card can provide 3 variable capacity formats ( SDHC up to 32GB, SDXC up to 2TB and SDUC up to 128TB ) to meet different requirements of consumers.

Kingconns MicroSD7.1 connector is compatible with the MicroSD4.0 card although the reading golden fingers of MicroSD7.1 card & MicroSD4.0 card are different.