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Kingconn USB is a serial bus standard for connecting computer systems and external devices. It is also a technical specification for input and output interfaces. It is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices and other information and communication products, and it also extends functions to photographic equipment and digital devices. TV (onboard box), game consoles and other related fields.

When multimedia computers were first introduced, the transmission interfaces of external devices were different. For example, printers can only access LPT ports, modems can only connect to RS232, and mouse keyboards can only connect to PS/2. The complicated interface system, coupled with the limitations of having to install drivers and reboot to use them, can cause problems for users. Therefore, creating a unified, easy-plug-in external transmission interface has become an unavoidable trend.

The latest generation is USB 3.2, transmission speed is 20Gbit/s, three-stage voltage 5V/12V/20V, maximum power supply 100W, in addition to the old Type-A, B interface, the new USB Type-C connector is no longer divided positive and negative.