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Kingconn Cable is a cable used for signal transmission. It is usually a single-core bare copper wire, multi-core copper wire, copper-clad steel wire or tin-plated copper wire as the conductor of the cable center. The outer layer is surrounded by four layers of ring-shaped covering material: Outside the center conductive copper wire, there is a layer of plastic (transparent PE, foamed PE, FB, solid solid polyester material) Insulation (Dielectric dielectric), and the insulator is outside. There is one or two thin aluminum-Mylar Foil to enhance the effect of anti-electromagnetic interference, then one or two layers braided (Copper Braid Shield, usually copper or aluminum wire) The conductive material of metal wire mesh) has braiding density of 64 series, 128 series or 60%, 90%, 100%, etc. The cable outer sheath (Jacket) is also made of plastic (PE). , PVC, NC-PVC, LSFH) Insulation coating. Some coaxial cables increase the tensile strength of the cable, and a steel wire is added to the edge of the coaxial cable to support the tension of the cloth (shelf), thereby protecting the cable body.